Banking and finance bulletin - Spring 2021

Banking and finance bulletin - Spring 2021

Banking and finance - Spring 2021

Welcome to the spring edition of our banking and finance bulletin.

In this bulletin we cover the demise of LIBOR, the latest reincarnation of the government’s coronavirus loan scheme and the new National Security and Investment Act 2021. We were also planning a piece on cryptocurrencies, but then Elon started tweeting about Bitcoin and Dogecoin and so we’ve decided to reserve comment for the time being.

And for those hankering after some good old black letter law, we take a deep dive into the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 and its impact on loan documentation. One for the lawyers amongst you.

We hope you are keeping well and gearing up for a (partial) return to the office. We haven’t felt this excited since we last went back to school!



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