Banking & Finance Bulletin - Spring 2018

Banking & Finance Bulletin - Spring 2018

Banking & Finance Bulletin - Spring 2018

Welcome to the spring edition of our Banking & Finance bulletin, our collection of recent articles in the world of debt finance sprinkled with some additional highlights.

In this bulletin we major on some recent cases concerning guarantees, the rule on penalties and the exercise of consent rights by lenders. Additional highlights include a half-term report from Jonathan Porteous, Head of the Banking & Finance practice at Stevens & Bolton LLP.

You can access each of these articles by clicking on the links below, and as ever please do contact us with any questions or comments – constructive feedback is invariably welcome!

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  1. To guarantee, or not to guarantee, that is the question

    Ever given a guarantee? Many a company director has likely been asked to give one and most, given the choice, would probably rather not. Sadly life isn’t always that easy. Some companies struggle to borrow without their directors offering some kind of... Read more
  2. The name is Bond, QC Bond (or non-QC Bond)

    Everyone loves a good acronym. GIF** is one that internet bloggers and the social media savvy will know all about!  But how many of our readers have heard of a QC bond or a “QCB” and know what it means?  A few entrepreneur... Read more
  3. UK Court adds VAR-like guidance to the rule on penalties

    The introduction of Video Assistant Referees (or VARs) in this year's Emirates FA Cup has to many prompted more questions than it has answered. Meanwhile we lawyers have looked on with envy, wondering what assistance we might call upon when a client asks... Read more
  4. The importance of "consent not to be unreasonably withheld"

    Earlier this year we wrote about a recent case in which a bank failed to act reasonably when withholding its consent to the release of a secured asset. At the time of our previous commentary (click here to read that more fully), the full case transcript... Read more
  5. A Q&A on CVAs

      1. What is a CVA? A CVA is a form of insolvency process which allows a company to continue trading whilst it seeks concessions from its creditors. A CVA typically provides for a rescheduling of debts or reduction in payment to unsecured creditors... Read more
  6. Business Bridge - Spring 2018

    We are delighted to welcome you to the latest edition of Business Bridge, written for busy entrepreneurs and their advisers, providing commentary and interviews on current legal and commercial issues affecting growing businesses. In this... Read more
  7. Jonathan Porteous' half-term report

    Earlier this year, I put my neck on the line by forecasting my top tips for the loan markets in 2018. It's this sort of behaviour that sets a Stevens & Bolton lawyer apart from the average lawyer - a willingness to opine rather than simply report.... Read more

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