Banking & Finance Bulletin - Winter 2019

Banking & Finance Bulletin - Winter 2019

Banking & Finance Bulletin - Winter 2019

Welcome to the winter edition of our Banking & Finance bulletin – our first of 2019.

The year ahead looks to be a very busy one for our Restructuring & Insolvency specialists (from whom you can hear more by clicking here). Meanwhile, for those of us in the Banking & Finance space, 2019 promises to be a little less predictable given the uncertain times in which the UK economy finds itself. Nevertheless, our banking and finance specialists have sought to identify some of the key themes for the loan and finance markets over the next twelve months – please click on the link to the first article below to read more.

In this edition you will also find links to articles below in which we cover the newly enacted Business Contract Terms (Assignment of Receivables) Regulations 2018, some tricky issues with financial collateral arrangements and some recent court cases which provide useful practical tips for those undertaking loan transactions. Happy reading!

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  1. Banking and Finance predictions for 2019

    Our colleagues in our Restructuring & Insolvency team recently published an alert setting out their predictions for the UK’s Restructuring & Insolvency market during 2019. You can read their insights here . Meanwhile, we on the brighter side... Read more
  2. Financial collateral arrangements: tricky issues and practical considerations

    Partner and Co-Head of the Restructuring & Insolvency practice at Stevens & Bolton LLP, Tim Carter, together with Managing Associate, Andrew Dodds, and Associate, Lucy Walker, has recently written an article for the Butterworths Journal of... Read more
  3. Lender's failure to protect other security offers no get out of jail free card for guarantors

    In a recent appeal against summary judgment, the Court of Appeal, Civil Division, dismissed the guarantor and principal debtor’s appeal and held that any duty of a creditor to preserve or maintain a security cannot be onerous: General Mediterranean... Read more
  4. An update on previous finance stories from 2018

    Welcome back to all of our readers from the Stevens & Bolton LLP Banking & Finance team. We hope you are looking forward to a prosperous and successful 2019. In the coming weeks and months ahead, we will be doing our best to keep you up to date on... Read more
  5. Reports from the trenches - recent court cases on interesting loan issues

    There’s been a flurry of recent court cases concerning finance matters which have caught our attention. Below we highlight just a few which are worth bearing in mind when undertaking a loan transaction. In each case, we’ve highlighted the key... Read more
  6. No bad deed goes unpunished

    Why bother with deeds? It is not always obvious but perhaps the most common reason to use a deed in a loan context is because the relevant document (typically an intercreditor agreement or a security document) includes a power of attorney. It remains good... Read more

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