Employment Update - April 2017

Employment Update - April 2017

A monthly update from the Employment team at S&B, containing news about recent and topical developments in employment, immigration and pensions law.

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  1. Employer entitled to refund of training costs on voluntary redundancy

    The Privy Council, in the recent case of Ali v Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago , considered whether an employee should repay a loan for training costs where repayment of the loan was to be waived after 5 years’ service but the employee was... Read more
  2. Indirect discrimination: no need to show the reason for the particular disadvantage

    The Supreme Court has recently given an important judgement on certain key principles of the law on indirect discrimination in the conjoined cases of Essop and ors v Home Office and Naeem v Secretary of State for Justice . The Supreme Court held that in... Read more
  3. When does notice of termination take effect for contractual purposes?

    In the recent case of  Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Trust v Haywood , the Court of Appeal has confirmed that, in the absence of an express contractual term specifying when notice of termination takes effect, it will take effect when it is actually received... Read more
  4. ACAS and GEO final guidance on gender pay gap reporting

    ACAS and the Government Equalities Office (GEO) have recently produced a final version of non-statutory guidance to the Gender Pay Gap Regulations; which can be found  here . Amongst other useful clarifications, guidance is given on compliance by... Read more
  5. Christmas saved by turkey pre-pack but was the pension fund stuffed?

    “Pre-packs” have proven to be a popular method in the UK of saving businesses since 2003 (when the Enterprise Act of the same year ushered in a rescue culture and made it possible to appoint administrators out of court by providing the... Read more

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