Serious misconduct - navigating internal investigations

Serious misconduct - navigating internal investigations

Webinar: Serious misconduct - Navigating internal investigations

Effectively managing investigations, particularly those concerning financial irregularities, requires careful planning and execution to ensure the integrity of the process and the accuracy of the findings.

Drawing from insights shared during our recent webinar, led by experts from Stevens & Bolton’s employment, intellectual property and dispute resolution teams, along with Rob May from leading cybersecurity experts ramsac, here are key considerations for navigating such inquiries:

  • Plan carefully and act quickly
  • Avoid knee jerk reactions, such as suspending an employee without full consideration
  • Make sure you have the right team in place to investigate and take appropriate action
  • Ensure confidentiality and impartiality
  • Protect the integrity of the data being examined
  • Detailed documentation and chain of custody of evidence
  • Maintain a record of the who, what, why and when of your investigation
  • Keep your options open regarding potential causes of action and potential defendants
  • Leverage technology and expertise
  • Once the investigation is complete, don’t be tempted to short circuit the need for a fair disciplinary process as you may be handing a guilty employee a route to an unfair dismissal claim
  • Have a communications plan for internal and external use and be prepared for press coverage

These takeaways emphasise the importance of a structured, secure, and well-documented approach to handling investigations, making use of both human expertise and technological tools to ensure thoroughness and reliability in the findings.

To watch the webinar recording, where we discuss a case study involving suspected theft of information and company funds by a senior employee, and explore tactical, strategic steps businesses should take, please contact

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