The post-pandemic workplace: Hybrid and flexible working models

The post-pandemic workplace: Hybrid and flexible working models

Remote working from overseas: sounds idyllic but beware of the legal pitfalls

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the working landscape with many businesses now transitioning to hybrid or flexible working models. These changes inevitably present HR and compliance challenges and exposure to business risk. They also give rise to unprecedented opportunity including recruitment, employee engagement and flexibility. >

This webinar is aimed at employers and HR professionals and navigates key employment issues and themes including:

  • Implementing an effective hybrid/flexible working strategy – HR and compliance risks and how to mitigate them
  • The challenges of managing a more dispersed/ flexible workforce including inclusivity, employee engagement, monitoring and privacy, mental health and wellbeing
  • Implementing contractual and policy changes to facilitate effective new working practices including working hours, GDPR and data security
  • Issues around altering your premises to accommodate new ways of working and reducing office space





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