AI insights

AI insights

With the rapid rise in organisations leveraging AI technology, the legal and regulatory landscape surrounding AI is in the spotlight.

As the potential of AI continues to unfold, so too does the need to understand and adopt best practice, both in order to harness the power of AI systems and also to manage legal risk. This is an evolving challenge, especially given the increased governmental and regulatory scrutiny in this space.

We have set up our AI Insights hub to demystify the legal framework, consolidate valuable resources and provide cutting-edge updates on the developing legal position on AI tech. This is a fast moving area of law and regulation and we will provide updates on key developments over time as they arise – please do check back regularly or contact us for our latest views.

We are well placed to assist you on your legal journey with AI, and combine our full service approach to advise on:

  • The legal and regulatory position on AI in the UK
  • Legal issues involved in developing AI solutions
  • Issues surrounding the use of generative AI in a business context
  • Developing your approach to AI, including your policies and processes relating to its use
  • Licensing AI solutions
  • The interaction between AI and intellectual property
  • What AI means for your data protection compliance
  • The impact and use of AI solutions in an employment context

We would be delighted to discuss your needs in this space, and please do contact Beverley Flynn, Tom Lingard, Charles Maurice or your usual Stevens & Bolton contact.


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