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Meeting Room 7 - The patent licensing podcast - Warranties, liabilities and indemnities

 Meeting Room 7 - The patent licensing podcast - Should I be worried about...?

Episode 7 of our patent licensing podcast from Meeting Room 7 focuses on warranties, liabilities and indemnities. 

Charlotte Tillett, head of Stevens & Bolton’s life sciences group, is joined by Senior Associate Tom Collins and Partner Gustaf Duhs (as a special guest from our commercial and regulatory team) to discuss what needs to be considered - by both the licensor and licensee – when it comes to negotiating warranties, indemnities and liability provisions. The episode includes:

  • An overview of warranties, indemnities and liabilities and the interaction between these provisions in licence agreements
  • The typical types of warranties and indemnities that a licensor and licensee would expect to see in agreements of this nature, with a particular focus in the life sciences sector
  • A discussion on the different ways in which a party may seek to limit its liability to the other party in a licence agreement
  • How to tackle thorny issues such as caps on liability and negotiating a compromise position to strike a commercial deal   

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