Employment Update - July 2018

Employment Update - July 2018

Employment Update - July 2018

Welcome to the July 2018 edition of the employment update - providing a monthly update on key legal issues for employers.

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  1. Discrimination Arising from Disability: A cautionary tale for employers

    In the case of City of York Council v Grosset the Court of Appeal considered whether an employer was liable for discrimination arising from disability when it dismissed a disabled employee for gross misconduct without knowing that the misconduct arose from... Read more
  2. Managing sickness absence and avoiding unlawful discrimination

    In DL Insurance Services Ltd v O’Connor , the EAT has upheld an employment tribunal’s decision that disciplining a disabled employee for having taken 60 days’ sickness absence was unlawful disability discrimination.   Background ... Read more
  3. GDPR is here: Is your house in order?

    All employers, whatever their size, should have certain critical documents in place now the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 are in force. With significant fines for non-compliance and an increased emphasis on demonstrating compliance, getting the basic... Read more
  4. Addison Lee courier held to have worker status

    In a further example of employment status in the gig economy being successfully challenged, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has upheld an Employment Tribunal’s decision that a cycle courier was a worker, despite his terms of engagement stating that he... Read more
  5. Company named in employment contract was not the true employer

    In  Dynasystems for Trade and General Consulting Ltd and others v Moseley , the Employment Appeal Tribunal upheld an employment tribunal’s decision that an employment contract that identified a Jordanian company as the individual’s employer... Read more
  6. The Supreme Court confirms Pimlico plumber is a worker

    In the case of Pimlico Plumbers Ltd and another v Smith , the Supreme Court upheld the finding that Mr Smith, a plumber engaged by the company, was a worker for the purposes of the Employment Rights Act 1996 and the Working Time Regulations 1998, and was an... Read more

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