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Family Law Solicitors in Guildford
  1. Family Law Solicitors in Guildford

    When dealing with issues like divorce and relationship breakdown, it is important to be clear what you want to achieve long-term and then work sensibly towards those goals in the best way for you and your loved ones.

    Our family lawyers understand how complicated and emotionally challenging these issues can be, so offer clear, practical legal advice with sensitivity and compassion. Our approach will always reflect your concerns and priorities, making sure you get the outcome you need without unnecessary conflict, delays or expense.

    At Stevens & Bolton, our highly experienced family lawyers can help you with:

    • Divorce (including financial matters and arrangements for children)
    • Civil partnership dissolution
    • Separation for unmarried couples
    • Prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements
    • Family inheritance claims

    We are trained in mediation and collaborative law meaning we can typically work through family legal issues without the need for court proceedings. However, where court action is the best option for your circumstances, we can offer skilled representation and close personal support for every stage of proceedings.

    Our typical family law clients include:

    • Medium to high net worth individuals
    • International entrepreneurs
    • City professionals
    • Sportspeople
    • Entertainment industry professionals
    • The spouses and partners of the above

    We are ranked Tier 1 for Family by the Legal 500 and Band 1 for Family/Matrimonial by Chambers & Partners, reflecting the exceptional quality of our legal services for families.

    Find out how our family lawyers in Guildford can help you

    For a quick insight into your legal position, the issues we will work through with you, and how we can assist in your specific circumstances, you can use our online assessment tool. You can also provide your background information, so that when we meet with you, we can be prepared to offer advice, solutions, and set out the next steps.

    For sensible and sensitive family law advice in Guildford, Surrey and the surrounding area, please get in touch with our expert family law solicitors now.

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    Our family law services in Guildford

    Divorce advice and representation

    Our family lawyers in Guildford can help with every stage of divorce proceedings, including:

    • Preparing and submitting divorce petitions
    • Responding to divorce petitions
    • Applying for the decree nisi and decree absolute
    • Representation for defended divorce proceedings
    • Making a divorce financial settlement
    • Making arrangements for children

    See how we can help with divorce.

    Divorce finances

    Our team can assist with all aspects of divorce financial matters, including:

    • Negotiating divorce settlements
    • Apply to a court for a consent order to make a voluntary settlement legally binding
    • Applying to a court for a divorce financial order
    • Applications to vary financial orders
    • Enforcing financial orders for divorce

    See how we can help with divorce finances.

    Arrangements for children

    Our Guildford family law solicitors can deal effectively with the full range of legal issues involving children during and after divorce or separation, including:

    • Negotiating arrangements for children
    • Applying to a court for a child arrangements order
    • Specific issues such as schooling and religious education
    • Taking children abroad following divorce or separation

    See how we can help with arrangements for children.

    Same sex marriage and civil partnerships

    Our expertise advising same sex couples includes:

    • Same sex divorce
    • Civil partnership dissolution
    • Pre-civil partnership agreements

    See how we can help with same sex marriage and civil partnerships.

    Prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements

    Our family law team can assist with:

    • Drafting prenups, postnups and cohabitation agreements
    • Reviewing an agreement you have been asked to sign by your partner
    • Negotiating prenups, postnups and cohabitation agreements
    • Advice on the application of such agreements during divorce and separation

    See how we can help with prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements.

    Legal advice for unmarried couples

    We can advise on issues including:

    • Your rights regarding your family home
    • The division of shared assets
    • Arrangements for children
    • Parental responsibility

    See how we can help with legal advice for unmarried couples.

    Family inheritance claims

    Where your spouse, partner or a former spouse of partner dies without leaving a will, it can make life very difficult. In such circumstances, making a claim for reasonable provision under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 is often the only way to ensure you receive the financial support you need.

    Our team can assist with matters including:

    • Making an Inheritance Act claim
    • Defending an Inheritance Act claim
    • General will disputes

    See how we can help with family inheritance claims.

    Our family law fees

    The cost of divorce and other family law matters can be a concern, especially where your current financial situation is uncertain. To make things easier for you, we offer a number of flexible options for covering our legal fees and will be happy to clearly set out the likely cost of dealing with your requirements.

    Some of our family law services can be offered on a fixed fee basis, giving certainty over the costs involved. In other circumstances, we will work according to an hourly rate that will depend on the level of expertise involved. Where appropriate, we may be able to defer our fees e.g. until you have made a financial settlement during divorce.

    During your initial consultation with our team, we will discuss your situation and requirements, then provide a realistic estimate of the expected costs.

    Why you can rely on our family law solicitors in Guildford

    Client Testimonial:
    “What really sets this team apart is their care, attention and empathy with their clients which allows you to feel in control of the process, whilst at the same time being thoroughly supported.”

    With decades of specialist family law experience across our team, we can handle even the most complex matters sensitively and effectively. We know how emotionally challenging family law matters can be, so will always provide close personal support alongside our clear, pragmatic legal expertise.

    Our family law expertise has been independently recognised by the leading client guides to the legal profession. We are ranked Tier 1 for Family by the Legal 500 and Band 1 for Family/Matrimonial by Chambers & Partners.

    All of our family lawyers are members of Resolution, a network of family law specialists committed to removing unnecessary conflict from family legal matters. Our team includes trained collaborative lawyer Nicola Harries and Resolution-trained mediator Grace Parker-White allowing us to offer these highly effective alternatives to court proceedings.

    Consult our family lawyers in Guildford

    For sensible and sensitive family law advice in Guildford, Surrey and the surrounding area, please get in touch with our expert team now.

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