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One of the most emotional and difficult aspects of family breakdown is deciding issues regarding the children.

Sorting this out amicably is important for the future well-being of the children. However, if parents cannot agree, we can assist with providing mediation and collaborative services or applications to the court to:

  • Decide where the children should live
  • Decide how much time the children should spend with the parent with whom they don’t predominantly live
  • Resolve specific issues, for example relating to schooling or medical treatment
  • Prevent an event involving the children from occurring, for example a child being removed from the country

With an increasingly international dimension to many families, we see more applications by one parent wishing to return home with the children after a separation. Where there is a dispute, the court must give permission for such a move. We have successfully made, and opposed, many such applications for clients whose former spouses/partners sought to move either internationally or domestically.


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