Career Development

Career Development

The quality of our lawyers is central to our success, as is our firm-wide investment in learning and development. We expect our lawyers to develop both high quality technical expertise and strong business skills.

In addition to technical legal training carried out within practice groups, the firm operates a business skills programme which is centrally managed by our Head of HR and L&D team. This programme provides targeted training and other development activities for lawyers at relevant stages of their career progression. It is based upon a 70:20:10 principle of encouraging learning on a day to day basis, learning from others and development externally through participation in activities run by external consultants. We encourage knowledge sharing by partners and other senior members of the firm through a Link and Learn programme for associates.

Each lawyer’s professional and personal development is kept under review on an ongoing basis through an informal career review process which seeks to provide one to one regular feedback. The firm also operates a mentoring scheme for all associates, providing broader support and counselling.

Knowledge Management

We are committed to developing our knowledge management systems to ensure that our lawyers are equipped to deliver best value to our clients. Our knowledge management team (led by our Head of Knowledge Management and including our PSLs) provides not only technical legal support but also has a key business development role, working closely with our lawyers and BD and Marketing teams, for example, on pitches and presentations, as well as providing tailored client, sector and industry alerts.


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