Legal Careers

Legal Careers

At Stevens & Bolton we want enjoyment to be a primary driver in the working day – and a key ‘reason to be here’ for our employees.

It’s a philosophy that comes from the top and cascades through the organisation.

It is upheld through a combination of factors: delivering quality in everything we do; securing stimulating, challenging work that stretches and rewards; employing truly distinctive, diverse people who willingly engage, collaborate and support; committing to continuous development for everyone; and providing a sustaining environment in which people can learn and grow.

Everything we do is driven by our commitment to quality, continuous improvement and client service.

This underpins our proposition to employees and potential candidates. Client satisfaction is the key measure of our success.

Our distinctive people are carefully chosen, not just for their proven technical competence, intellectual rigour and development potential, but for their natural ability and inclination to reflect and uphold our philosophy and values. They engage, support and collaborate; they have the innate desire to do the best that they can; they take pride in what they do and in what we stand for.

The range, profile and expectations of our clients, the practice areas we have chosen and the experience of our team are important factors. Equally significant are the opportunities for a rewarding, long-term career fuelled by continuing professional and personal development.

Our attractive riverside office in Guildford plays its part too, providing a supportive backdrop and impressive showcase for our clients. Our working environment is important to us, as are the lives we choose to lead outside the office.

It’s little wonder then, that people enjoy being here.

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