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One solicitor, one couple model
  1. One solicitor, one couple model

    We know that marital breakdown can be amicable, and when that is the case, couples do not always want to have to seek advice from two separate solicitors. When you separate it is important to seek legal advice, but in the right circumstances, this need not be from two solicitors.  

    We now offer a One Solicitor, One Couple model, enabling a separating couple to jointly instruct our team at Stevens & Bolton. Under this model we will act impartially to advise the couple together setting out what a judge would consider fair in the circumstances, adopting a conflict-free, unbiased approach to guide you through the separation and divorce process.

    The One Solicitor, One Couple model will not be appropriate for everyone so it will be necessary to speak to the couple individually to assess whether that is the case. Where we can act for both parties in relation to relationship breakdown, the One lawyer, One Couple model will have some huge advantages, including:

    • Reducing conflict
    • Identifying, discussing and resolving issues together in a constructive and non-confrontational way
    • Saving time
    • Reducing legal costs
    • Enabling couples to maintain a good relationship post-separation or divorce

    This allows the process to be a more positive and constructive experience. If you wish to make an enquiry at this stage, please contact Nicola Harries, Grace Parker-White or Sean Hilton


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