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Cyber Security

Whether your business is technology led or follows a more traditional model we all rely on IT and the internet to do business. There are huge opportunities but there is also an ever increasing and well publicised threat from cyber-attack.

The primary impact of a cyber-attack can include disruption to business operations, loss of data and theft or extortion of money.  There may also be a secondary impact in the form of reputational damage, commercial disputes and regulatory investigations.

We help clients to protect their business and their reputation from cyber-attack. Our team has expertise across a range of areas including IT, intellectual property, dispute resolution, data protection, regulatory issues and insurance. Key areas of advice include:

  • Risk Management - prevention and planning a response to cyber-attack
  • Crisis Management - responding in the  immediate aftermath of a cyber- attack
  • Dispute Resolution - claims or potential claims arising out of a cyber-attack
  • Regulatory issues -  reporting requirements and investigations arising out of a cyber-attack


Our Experience

  • Conducting an investigation into a spear phishing attack for a client and advising and acting for the client in dealing with recovery and liability issues in the aftermath.
  • Advising a client in connection with claims for damage arising out of a systems attack resulting in loss of data and systems damage.
  • Advising on reporting obligations following data breach.

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