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Inward investment - doing business in the UK

We regularly advise international businesses who are looking to make a move into the UK market, either by way of acquisition of, or joint venture with, an existing UK business or by developing a business presence from scratch.

The UK is generally speaking a permissive business environment. There is, however, extensive regulation concerning tax, accounting, employee issues, company law, health and safety, real estate, planning and the environment, consumer protection, data protection, health and safety, free competition and anti-bribery and corruption.

We can assist you in initially establishing your presence in the UK and thereafter assisting with the legal aspects of employment, immigration, trading and business arrangements, real estate, tax, finance and ensuring compliance with relevant regulation.

We can also assist you in putting together a team of professional advisors.

We have put together a short guide for businesses outside the UK (or their advisors) who are considering establishing a permanent presence in the UK, which you can access here.

For more details, please contact a member of our inward investment team.

Stevens & Bolton LLP is a member of British Expertise, the leading UK private sector organisation for British companies offering professional services internationally.


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