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Our approach
  1. Our approach

    We maintain a strictly independent approach to our international relationships, working with tried and tested, independent local firms who know the local market, provide high service levels and offer value for money.

    This approach gives us the flexibility to instruct international firms who have the appropriate expertise and are the correct fit for the project and client concerned. International law firms and firms with fixed international networks are obliged to instruct their local office regardless of their suitability.

    We believe our non-exclusive strategy is better for clients than using a firm with its own international network:

    • Using a single firm with its own international offices exposes clients to the weaknesses of underdeveloped or underperforming offices in the network, or offices staffed by lawyers who are not equipped to deal with the matter in hand
    • Service levels and value for money in a multinational practice can suffer due to the lack of competitive tension and accountability for inter-office referrals
    • The perceived advantages of a multinational firm, of greater integration and harmonisation (of documentation, training and ethos), are often illusory. Our regular cooperation with various law firms in other jurisdictions have enabled us to develop efficient and coordinated working practices with lawyers in key jurisdictions
    • We can replicate the advantage for clients of dealing with a single firm on a cross-border project by providing a single engagement letter and a composite price quote for projects involving multiple firms.


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