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Our international relationships
  1. Our international relationships

    We attach great importance to developing and maintaining our international relationships, through a structured programme involving a strategy for each jurisdiction. We keep relationships and plans under constant review in light of our working experiences and legal and political developments to ensure we can find the best fit for our clients in every case.

    We look for a shared commonality of purpose in the international firms we work with – we expect our partner firms to provide you with the same pragmatic and clear business-led advice that we provide for you here in the UK.

    We cannot overstate the importance to us of building strong relationships with law firms around the world.

    Most lawyers in the firm are involved in our international initiatives, including the following:

    • Being part of cross-border practice working groups with our closest relationship firms to develop more integrated cross-border services
    • Speaking at joint seminars arranged with international partner firms
    • Attending international conferences
    • Participating in regular international visits to key jurisdictions or jurisdictions where we are looking to develop new relationships
    • Contributing to publications aimed at international contacts or produced in conjunction with international partner firms
    • Attending networking events to meet law firms from other jurisdictions

    In addition, we run a secondment programme with various relationship firms, hosting lawyers from outside the UK and sending our lawyers for internships with law firms in a variety of jurisdictions.


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