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Why Us

Why Us

Continuous Development From The Day You Join

At Stevens & Bolton we know that careers are built over time and we firmly believe that every working day should provide a wealth of opportunity to enhance knowledge and understanding.

We are dedicated to encouraging continuous professional development, delivered in a variety of ways to give our trainees the best chance to become rounded, assured and respected professionals.

Training in technical and business skills and early exposure to stimulating work with a variety of clients is instrumental in providing a solid foundation. In addition though, the value to be gained from a possibly unique combination of factors – supervision when you need it, support from colleagues and the opportunity to embrace early responsibility as soon as you are ready – creates a compelling proposition at the outset of your career.

How to apply 

From September 2023 we are doubling our trainee intake from 5 to 10 a year. We are now fully recruited for training contracts to start in 2023, 2024 and 2025. From the 1st December 2023 we will be accepting applications for our Spring Vacation Schemes 2024 and Training Contracts 2026. To help secure a training contract with us please apply for a place on one of our vacation schemes where you will also be offered an interview for a training contract.

All applications for training contracts and vacation schemes are made via our online system. Please click here to apply.

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