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Settlement and British citizenship for businesses
  1. Settlement and British citizenship for businesses

    Once individuals have spent a certain period of time in the UK (usually five years) they may be eligible to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK (also known as settlement).  

    However, this very much depends on the immigration status of the individual as not all categories lead to settlement.

    We are well placed to assist with settlement applications and to advise individuals and their employers on the process and the documents required. Once the person has settlement or indefinite leave to remain he or she is no longer subject to immigration control and may work for any employer in the UK. Settlement is therefore usually highly sought after. 

    Once individuals have indefinite leave to remain they may wish to consider applying for naturalisation as a British citizen, the first step to obtaining a British passport. There are strict requirements which have to be met, particularly in relation to aspects such as good character (including past convictions) and residency requirements. The team has a wealth of experience in advising individuals in relation to submitting these applications and maximising the chance that the application will be successful.


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