Our CONSTRUCTION and ENGINEERING team offers clear, practical, proactive and tactical advice based upon previous experience of working in the construction and engineering industry.

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Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Much of the team’s work is in advising clients on risk allocation and how best to avoid disputes.

We are well aware that disputes are disruptive and costly for any business. For private individuals they are also stressful and upsetting. Where a dispute cannot be avoided we aim to help clients to resolve disputes with the minimum amount of disruption.

Disputes in the construction and engineering industry have their own distinctive resolution procedures and the team has extensive experience of handling all aspects of a case. We can assist in adjudication, litigation, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), expert determination, mediation, conciliation.

In suitable cases we can offer clients the benefit of Risk Assist, our litigation funding model, as a means of funding litigation and arbitrations.


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