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Studying in the UK
  1. Studying in the UK

    We are experienced in advising non-British nationals on applying for their student visa to come to study in the UK.

    Most applications from students planning to undertake a course of study in the UK which will last for more than six months now fall under the Student route.

    There are three main requirements for Student applications:

    1. The applicant must have been offered a place on a course at a UK institution which is registered on the Home Office's register of licensed sponsors: students and must be assigned a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies from that institution
    2. The applicant must show that they meet the maintenance requirements
    3. The applicant must demonstrate an appropriate level of English

    That said, the rules in relation to students and the supporting document requirements are complex and subject to change, often with little notice. Therefore, we recommend seeking advice at an early stage.


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