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Immigration Solicitors in Guildford
  1. Immigration Solicitors in Guildford

    UK immigration rules are highly complex and the Home Office is very strict in their application. As a result, it is common for visa applications, British citizenship applications and other types of immigration applications to be delayed or rejected based on small errors or misunderstandings of the rules.

    At Stevens & Bolton, our highly experienced immigration solicitors can help you:

    • Fully understand the rules and how they apply to you
    • Ensure your application is filled out correctly
    • Make sure you provide all of the necessary supporting evidence
    • Increase your chances of success and avoid unnecessary delays

    We can translate the often long and confusing information contained in the UK immigration rules into plain English, providing clear, straightforward advice on exactly what you need to do for your application.

    Taking into account your circumstances and your ultimate goals, we provide clear and structured immigration advice to enable you to enter or remain in the UK in the most appropriate immigration category.

    You can then have confidence that you have done everything required to give your application the best chance of being successful especially as we have a nearly 100% success rate.

    Our typical clients include:

    • Businesses which employ non-British nationals or which are setting up in the UK
    • High net worth individuals
    • High level professionals such as senior executives and managers from a range of industries
    • Investors and entrepreneurs
    • University students (for student visas and post-graduation)
    • People looking to bring their family to the UK
    • EEA nationals and their family members dealing with the impact of Brexit

    Should you need advice on issues related to your or your employees’ immigration status, such as employment, family or tax advice, our immigration solicitors will work closely with other departments across the firm to provide complete support to match your requirements.

    We can assist you or your employees with every stage of the immigration journey, from the first entry to the UK to further leave to remain applications and ultimately obtaining indefinite leave to remain (settlement) and then British citizenship, where required.

    For clear, practical immigration advice in Guildford, Surrey and the surrounding area, please get in touch with our expert immigration lawyers now.

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    Our immigration law services in Guildford

    Sponsor applications, sponsor compliance and Skilled Worker and Senior/Specialist Worker applications

    We advise a wide range of employers on applying for sponsor licences so that they are able to sponsor non-UK and non-Irish nationals in the UK. In order to retain their sponsor licence, sponsors must ensure they comply with record keeping, reporting and other duties and we are able to advise on these obligations. We also carry out mock audits so sponsors can be sure they are well-prepared for a visit by the Home Office.

    In addition, we advise on Skilled Worker and Senior/Specialist Worker (previously called Intra-Company transfer) applications.

    Visa applications

    There are a number of reasons to come to the UK, including to study, work, look for work or start a business. Knowing which route to use and the relevant rules significantly increases your or your employee’s chances of success.

    Our UK immigration lawyers can help you explore the various routes for securing entry to the UK, including:

    Further leave to remain applications

    When the time comes to extend your or your employees leave in the UK, there are different options you can explore depending on your or your employee’s circumstances. We can advise on which apply to you or your employee and the steps you or your employee need to take.

    We can assist with options including:

    • Extending your or your employee’s existing leave to remain
    • Switching to a different type of immigration category where your or your employee’s circumstances have changed
    • Remaining in the UK post-graduation
    • Applying for indefinite leave to remain or British citizenship

    Indefinite leave to remain and British citizenship

    Securing indefinite leave to remain or British citizenship provides security for your or your employee’s future in the UK. Our team can help you to understand whether you or your employee are eligible and guide you through the process, as well as advising on what the new status will mean.

    Our immigration solicitors in Guildford can assist with:

    • Applying for indefinite leave to remain
    • Advice on maintaining your indefinite leave to remain (e.g. if you or your employee are planning to leave the UK)
    • Applications for registration or naturalisation as a British citizen

    See how we can help with indefinite leave to remain and British citizenship.

    UK immigration for EEA nationals and the EU settlement scheme

    Brexit has made immigration much more complicated for EEA nationals, meaning it is strongly recommended to seek specialist advice if you are planning to come to the UK to work or study from an EEA country or if you employ EEA nationals, particularly if you or the employee are going to enter the UK for the first time after 31 December 2020.

    We advise EEA nationals on issues including:

    • Obtaining EEA residence documentation
    • The EU settlement scheme and applying for pre-settled or settled status
    • Applying for pre-settled status
    • Obtaining permanent residence in the UK
    • Naturalisation as a British citizen
    • Bringing non-EEA family members to the UK
    • Advising on possible immigration categories to apply under if you or the employee are entering the UK after 31 December 2020

    See how we can help with UK immigration advice for EEA nationals.

    Our immigration advice fees

    The cost of immigration to the UK can be a concern, so we are committed to complete transparency with our pricing.

    The exact costs involved will depend on your circumstances, including the type of application you are making. Our immigration lawyers will be happy to discuss this with you and, once we have a better understanding of your situation and requirements, we can provide a realistic estimate of the costs involved.

    For an indication of our typical immigration fees, please see our immigration pricing.

    Why you can rely on our immigration solicitors in Guildford

    With many years of experience navigating the ever-changing UK immigration rules and processes, we can provide clear, practical guidance to help you or your employees with moving to the UK for work, study or any other permitted reason, as well as extending your stay or securing indefinite leave to remain. We also have a number of contacts at the Home Office which can be very useful in particularly complex cases. 

    Our immigration law expertise has been independently recognised by the leading client guides to the legal profession. We are ranked Tier 1 for Immigration by the Legal 500 and Band 2 for Immigration by Chambers & Partners.

    Consult our immigration lawyers in Guildford

    For clear, practical immigration advice in Guildford, Surrey and the surrounding area, please get in touch with our expert team now.


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