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Restructuring can be used to strengthen a company’s balance sheet, aid cash flow, assist with strategic litigation planning, improve the tax efficiency of a corporate group or to generally “tidy up” a corporate structure.

We recognise the importance in distressed situations of taking a commercial approach and acting quickly to achieve an outcome that is in the best interests of all parties. We advise investors, banks, and corporates in sometimes fraught situations where banking covenants have been breached and additional or alternative funding is required as a matter of urgency.  We have worked with the major stakeholders to rearrange existing facilities and to agree a restructuring of the existing debt (whether informally or through a formal insolvency process, for example a company voluntary arrangement).  We have good relationships with insolvency practitioners and can put you in touch if you require a review of your business’ financial position.

In addition, we regularly assist solvent companies and groups in relation to corporate restructurings and have advised on multiple company liquidations, hive ups/downs, inter-company debt assignments, write-downs and strike off/dissolutions.


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