Our multi-disciplinary REGULATORY team advises across a wide range of client sectors and practice areas

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Regulatory Investigations Response Team

An approach from regulators or other government bodies can take many different forms, from a so called 'dawn raid' of your business without notice, to informal requests for information in writing.

Your business might be the focus of a wide ranging international investigation that could lead to fines or criminal sanctions, or may be a complainant or a third party that happens to hold information that is relevant to an investigation.

Any regulatory investigation that touches your business can be very damaging to your reputation.  It can also produce unforeseen consequences where regulators gain access to your premises, information and staff.  For these reasons, it is very important to be aware of the risks and to be prepared in advance to deal with them.

We are very experienced in dealing with regulatory investigations.  We have a team that have helped clients prepare for and handle such investigations, and have run such investigations while working at regulators. 

We have strategies in place to deal with investigations and are ready to respond at any time should your business be approached. Services we can provide include:

  • Attending your business when it is 'dawn raided' by regulators, police or other authorities
  • Responding to information requests by interview and in writing
  • Defending the business in the course of investigations
  • Attending court in relation to warrant applications
  • Assisting with compliance programmes and testing such programmes (for example through mock dawn raids)
  • Drafting submissions in the course of investigations
  • Making complaints to regulators where we suspect there has been a breach of regulations

The experience of our team includes a diverse range of regulatory environments.  Examples include:

  • Financial regulators, such as the FCA, LIFFE, LME and a host of foreign regulators such as the SEC in the United States 
  • Competition and  consumer enforcement authorities, such as the CMA, the European Commission, local councils and the Trading Standards Institute 
  • Industry regulators, such as ABTA, the CAA,  and regulators in diverse markets such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare and media 
  • Sports regulators, for example in football, boxing, horseracing and windsurfing
  • Criminal investigations by authorities such as the police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency


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