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Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”) is a very powerful document.  

It allows people appointed by you (known as “attorneys”) to make decisions on your behalf, even after you have lost capacity.  Increasing vulnerability to dementia and other similar conditions makes an LPA a vital component to secure your future wellbeing.

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There are two types of LPA – one deals with your property and finances (Property & Financial Affairs LPA) and the other with your personal welfare (Health & Welfare LPA) – which we can prepare and register for you.  Given the powerful nature of an LPA, our experience in this area will give you peace of mind over how the LPA is structured.  For more information about the process, please read our Briefing Note: Lasting Powers of Attorney.

It is important for attorneys to be aware of their duties and powers under an LPA.  We are able to advise on this important aspect, particularly where the donor has fluctuating capacity or if there is some form of conflict (either between attorneys or a third party).

We also advise on other documents relating to capacity, such as Enduring Powers of Attorney (which can no longer be created but can still be used) and Advance Decisions (often referred to as “Living Wills”, which are generally seen as an alternative option to Health & Welfare LPAs).


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