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Death is a topic few people wish to contemplate.  

Yet making a Will is arguably one of the most important things you will ever do.  If you die without a Will, the statutory rules of intestacy apply.  These rules operate in a strict manner meaning your estate may not pass to the people you expect it to.  The result can be an unwelcome surprise to your loved ones following your death.

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We pride ourselves on being able to deal with both the fundamental aspects of a Will (for example, selecting appropriate executors and guardians) and the knotty tax and asset protection issues that arise.  Asset protection is often a key concern for our clients.  This could be due to complex family dynamics (such as children from more than one marriage) or the desire to preserve wealth for future generations.  For some people, making a Will is a necessity in order to retain an element of control “beyond the grave”.

In many cases, a Will can assist in reducing or deferring inheritance tax on death.  We have an in depth understanding of the inheritance tax reliefs available and can advise on whether they might apply in your circumstances.

Whilst a Will can provide a degree of inheritance tax planning, it is equally important to consider what steps should be taken during your lifetime (see Succession Planning).


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