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Selling your business

We often act as a sounding board for clients considering an exit. What will the process involve and is the timing right? Which, if any, corporate finance advisors might be appropriate?

In any sale of a business/company, it is likely that the buyer will want to carry out extensive due diligence. This will involve looking at the company’s finances, employees, contracts, assets and liabilities and can be labour-intensive for the seller(s). We can help you prepare your business for sale, including identifying and rectifying any skeletons in the cupboard before due diligence begins. We can also assist busy management teams with collating and presenting due diligence information to potential buyers. Having the company documentation in order and well-organised will help to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

We advise on other aspects of selling your business, including negotiation of all documents, project management throughout and tax advice for selling shareholders. For more information, please see our guides:

For examples of deals we have recently advised on, please see our 2018 deal highlights.

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