Our specialist multi-disciplinary LIFE SCIENCES team advises businesses at all stages of the medicines supply chain

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Medical Devices

Medical devices range from contact lenses and sticking plasters to pace makers and hip replacements. In vitro diagnostics include HIV blood tests, pregnancy tests and blood sugar monitoring systems for diabetics.

Businesses in this sector are facing more stringent requirements and a challenging period of change, particularly with new EU Regulations coming into force. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary team is well placed to support businesses in the medical devices sector on a range of issues including regulatory, competition, dispute resolution, corporate and commercial transactions, finance, real estate and tax. 


Our experience

  • Advising a generic drugs company on patent licences in relation to medical devices
  • Providing a medical device company with public procurement advice, including in relation to a tender challenge
  • Negotiating commercial arrangements in relation to the cross-border procurement of certain pharmaceuticals and medical devices

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