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Digital Health

The inexorable rise of the digital economy is having a profound impact in the life sciences sector. As with other goods, pharmaceutical and healthcare products are increasingly being marketed, promoted and sold online.

The digital world is leading to entirely new products and services in the life sciences sphere, from apps, to increasingly sophisticated medical devices, to new ways of diagnosing and even treating conditions. With the rise of artificial intelligence this trend will continue. With this trend there are also increased risks, for example in relation to data privacy and cyber security.

Our life sciences team is well equipped to help businesses facing challenges in the digital health sector. The team works closely with our specialist Technology and Media sector group in this area, and with our broad range of specialists we can efficiently and effectively deliver client requirements.


Our experience

  • Advising a global pharmaceutical manufacturer on their data privacy policies and data privacy compliance
  • Ensuring that one of the UK’s leading animal health businesses is compliant with the law in relation to their online sales strategy and providing annual training to the management team
  • Negotiating commercial arrangements with respect to the development and marketing of medical apps and websites.

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